When purchasing your fishing license make certain you obtain a Great Lakes Trout and Salmon stamp.

There’s unique fishery off-shore .. are you up for the action?

King Salmon

Besides Steelhead you will catch coho, lake trout and king salmon. Sometimes fishing off-shore can be a better choice. Less competition for forage means BIG fish like the salmon pictured above.

A well kept secret about the Lake Michigan fishery is the tremendous off shore steelhead action unique to our area. The Waverly II, with it’s twin turbo diesel engines, can quickly put you smack in the middle of some of the best fishing in the world. Milwaukee’s proximity to deep water and it’s mid lake mountain range creates swift currents and insect holding slicks. Located 15-20 miles off-shore are some of the most pristine waters on the Great Lakes. These waters are perfect habitat for sky-rocketing steelhead.


Depending on the time of year it’s not uncommon to have 20-25 fish on the line. Steelhead are a challenge as these beauties sky out of the water -that’s why they are considered a true sport fish!

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OFFSHORE – 15-20 miles off-shore (6 hours) $650.00
FULL DAY (7 hours) $750.00
FULL DAY (8 hours) $850.00